One of the Best Restaurants in Newlands & Claremont

I get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling to be recognised as one of the best amongst the brass in the Newlands & Claremont area. We bow our heads with thanks…

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Roti’s, chapati & cockney rhyming slang

Some folks call it a chapati, I called it a roti. If you are travelling around India, Nepal or Sri Lanka you will find this round flatbread on the side of most dishes.…

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Crunchy Cinnamon Granola

It’s gluten-free, refined sugar-free and yes totes delicious. Do you want the recipe? Save time & batch cook… So it’s bulk granola day at my house. I make a 2-3kg…

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Bespoke foodie commisions

Where did it all begin? Although I didn’t realise it at the time, I spent many of my favourite years in a dungeon of a kitchen on the South Bank…

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Jammy Dodgers and other recipes for Yuppiechef

Oooh I love a Jammy Dodger. A London staple biccie in our household, but did you know they are a doddle to make! Something triggered my memory this weekend, maybe…

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Adventures of a Foodie..

Winter is showing itself! Sitting here with a cup of tea as I write, a bowl of salted caramel & ginger toffees, homemade of course! I thought I ought to…

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Larder is voted in Top brunch spots in Cape Town

We love LOVE CAPE TOWN, it’s a brilliant initiative  of Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town, an online portal for visitors and locals with an enormous following…

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Johnny Depp gets Top rating

Johnny Depp, who doesn’t love this man? Our version of a Benedict,  somewhat legendary at The Larder, we call it a Johnny Depp. To find out why read I LOVE…

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I Love Foodies

I LOVE FOODIES Editorial team is headed up by obsessed food & coffee lovers, Benike and Sabine Palfi, who are also keen travellers. Their blog is a fantastic guide to…

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Larder in SA Top Ten Coffee Spots

  Big Seven Travel, the definitive online guide for local and international travellers, recently published its list of Top Ten Coffee Spots in South Africa.Β  This list was voted for…

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Honest food, fab coffee. Where it comes from matters! Always free range, pasture reared! Homemade from scratch, local & seasonal. African Fairtrade Coffee. Packaging bio degradable

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  • It is a sad day when @cityofct @eskom_holdings do NOT support small business that are struggling to keep staff employed. 
Our business has been shut due to lockdown & Covid19. All electricity switched off to conserve and use the basic minimum to survive. 
We know our tariff is a small business one which holds a daily service fee but this is not waived during lockdown even tho we cannot trade and not using the service like would normally. No negotiations allowed, it just is....says @cityofct 
Now in order to continue and get more units of electricity -  I am FORCED TO PAY
R3600 before I can go forward.

The daily service fee is not waived during lockdown. How is this allowed, how is this legal, how is this supportive? It felt criminal!

So instead you force us to go bankrupt,  make staff redundant and shut our doors!! Where is the support guys?? So you would rather we go out of business. Our space won't be rented out, not for any time soon, as no one is renting small restaurant space, so end of the day the city will loose out!

This just doesn't make any sense!! Ranting!!! @alan.winde @capetalkza @news24 @iolnews @bbcnews @kfmza @cyril_ramaphosa_official @cyrilramaphosafoundation 
#sad #disappointed
  • These 4 ladies have hearts of gold, serving their community every day! They open their homes, they give their time to feed the hungry. Backs ache after washing up and cleaning but tomorrow they will do it again! 
It’s been such an amazing experience to get to know them. 
Lavender Hill is blessed to have them &  @philisa_abafazi @lucindandlovokazi watching over them.

Thank you @eatoutguide for connecting us πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’— Caroline who's the grande fromage of this site has a grown up daughter but her and her husband Anthony foster 7 young children. 
Guys please donate to the help fund if you can! Little bit goes a long way!! #littlebitoflove
  • Tomorrow's gorgeous organic veg selection from @umthunzifarmingcommunity 
See you in the morning 
  • #coffee tomorrow @mosesnkhwazi
  • Sourdough perfection & smells in the kitchen today
  • Thank to my friends!

@suekaroo @perkythepink for your contribution to today's pot

Also going in is @umthunzifarmingcommunity roast aubergine & sweet potato & peppers. A decent pot of @elginthefreerangechicken chicken stock then finally I stirred in the @fattis_and_monis macaroni

  • Thank you @perkythepink for your donation! I'm in @picknpayrondebosch buying some @fattis_and_monis macaroni which is on SPECIAL πŸ’•πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ Specials like these mean the world to us without @eatoutguide @commchestwc projects to feed my people under the @philisa_abafazi charity based in Lavender Hill. Every little bit counts and this means more hungry little people get fed for a few more meals! 
Thank you so so much!!!
  • Deliveries

#homemadefood #homemade #withlove
  • Moody days

Hungry tummies waiting got today's Bolognese

Thank you @eatoutguide 
@philisa_abafazi @umthunzifarmingcommunity

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