What exactly is “honest” food anyway?

The Larder: “Honest food, fab coffee”

We’ve had some questions lately about The Larder’s pay-off line. What is this “honest” food we speak of? Food that’s full of wholesome goodness? Food that’s transparent and accountable? Food that doesn’t talk about you behind your back?

We like to think of honest food as simple food made using the best quality ingredients – the kind of food that grandma used to make. Local, free-range, pasture-fed, stoneground and organic.

We make everything fresh, every day, from scratch. We only employ skilled chefs and baristas, and all of our suppliers are people who make things the old-fashioned way, so you can trust where we get our bread and butter from.

We believe in the ritual or sitting down and enjoying good food and a delicious cup of coffee – it’s an experience, relish it!

 Here are a few more things we believe in, from this fantastic resource:

Artisanal: “The non-mechanical and unprocessed method of handcrafting food with respect to the ingredients and tradition.”

Seasonal: “Food is sensual and spiritual. It connects us with the land, the community, our bodies, the seasonal rhythms and the planet. Eating foods in season offers us a visceral connection to where we are now.”

Pasture reared: “Animals – chickens, cows, pigs and other livestock – which have been raised on pasture with access to shelter. This term is being used by farmers who wish to distinguish themselves from the industrialised ‘free-range’ term.”


Honest food, fab coffee. Where it comes from matters! Always free range, pasture reared! Homemade from scratch, local & seasonal. African Fairtrade Coffee. Packaging bio degradable



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