1. Are you halaal/ Kosher?
We are in the process of getting certification. We don't use any alcohol or animal products in our production.

2. Are your products free of preservatives?
Yes, we only use sugar as our preservative.

3. Are your products vegan?
Yes, all of our products are vegan.

4. Delivery?
Our small jams and chutneys come in cases of 12, so you are welcome to buy a full case and share with friends. Our courier ships nationwide. Individual jars cost the same as a full case to ship, but we are more than willing to box these up for you.

5. How long do your preserves last?
Unopened for 2 years or more. Opened, this depends on how much you double dip. Using a clean knife or spoon each time will prolong the life with no funky bacteria getting into your jam causing a little mould on the top.

8. Where do I collect my order?

Please contact us if you are in Cape Town and prefer to collect.

If you have any other questions please fill in the form below.