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About our delicious artisan jams

Our artisan preserves are wicked & whimsical twists on tradition. Made with NO preservatives, E numbers or additives

Our artisan jams and chutneys are made of whole seasonal fruit and sugar, but what makes ours different and we think special, is we add less sugar. So more fruit, less sugar! This makes them so versatile:

  • swirl them into yoghurt for a tasty breakfast with a sprinkle of granola
  • make effortless desserts and drizzle over pavlova
  • add the pizazz to your cheeseboard,
  • for the braai, baste onto yellowtail with a little soy
  • spoon into balance your curry or stir fry!
  • or just spread it on your toast!

MESSY? Our jams are a little more runny, we like it that way!

Oooh, when the butter & jam drips through the holes in your toast and down your fingers....delicious!

If you would like to stock us in your shop or deli, get in touch!

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