One of the Best Restaurants in Newlands & Claremont

I get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling to be recognised as one of the best amongst the brass in the Newlands & Claremont area. We bow our heads with thanks to The Inside Guide’s nod of approval. Being listed on this hip definitive online guide for local and international travellers. The Inside Guide community of 71 thousand users, we are honoured to be recognized amongst other fab spots in the area such as Starling’s Locale, our friends at Sushi Box and Gardener’s Cottage who are so well established.

Being committed to a fair trade, low environmental impact is not always the best business decision, but being passionate about these choices in order for us to produce the food we love and food that’s better for you. We know you wait a little longer when you eat with us, while your food is cooked from scratch. We can honestly say we know what’s in it! Thank you for your patience!

Our pricing is a bit more because we intentionally source our produce from sustainable small producers, rather than the cheaper more commercially produced goods. Eating with us should give you comfort, we have made better choices for you, hopefully, the results will be a deeper sleep tonight! Not everyone cares about the Vanilla extract instead of essence. (A mere teaspoon of real vanilla costs over R8) Thank you to those who do tho! We salute you!

Avoiding polystyrene and non-biodegradable products, making better choices when buying packaging is tough. We know, its SOOOOO much cheaper. But in the end, every little bit helps to keep the Earth, she really needs our help right now! Drinking coffee from our plant-based biodegradable coffee cups makes life taste a little sweeter too! Thanks, Lauren & the Ecopack team!

We know the pinch is real for all of us, we are very lucky to still have our doors open in this economic climate. We are very appreciative of the love and support in this crazy time! Thank you so much!

We are forever yours in coffee – because life’s too short to drink bad coffee xx


Honest food, fab coffee. Where it comes from matters! Always free range, pasture reared! Homemade from scratch, local & seasonal. African Fairtrade Coffee. Packaging bio degradable



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